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Laboratory Weighing Machine / High Precision / Jewellery Weighing Machine

We are well recognized as one of the prominent traders and suppliers of the technically assorted range of Laboratory Weighing Machine. Equipped with all the required components, these perform well while running and can also withstand in the harsh conditions. These are designed in accordance with the specifications of the customers and are admired for the optimum durability and corrosion resistance features.
CA Series

  • Fully-automatic calibration; PSC (CAW)
  • Clock-calibration (CAW)
  • Built-in colck (CAW, CAX)
  • Full digital control method
  • Windows direct function
  • Moter driven calibration weight (CAW, CAX)
  • Anti-vibration
  • Analog bar graph display
  • Ready for specific gravity measurements
  • Doors open wide in three directions
  • Level adjustment with ease
  • Piece counting function
  • Unit conversion
  • RS-232C interface


  • High accuracy
  • Total 8 Unit available (g,ct,lb,oz,GN,dwt,tl)
  • Counting, Weighing, Percentage Function Modes
  • Auto blue backlight (80hours continous use)
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • RS-232 serial interface(PC, Printer)
  • Wind shield included
  • Over load alarm function
  • Auto power function
  • Auto span calibration & Auto zero tracking

  • USB Interface
  • Auxiliary LCD Display


  • High accuracy (External resolution: 1/20,000, 1/30,000)
  • 10 selectable weighing units
  • Auto power off
  • Counting function
  • Percent weighing mode
  • Battery check function
  • RS-232C interface

  • Rechargeable battery (7.2V/ 700mA)
  • Rear display, Back-light
  • DEP-50 (Receipt printer)

DS-852G Precision Balance

  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Auto Power Off Function
  • Can Be Connected to Maintenance Free Battery
  • Digital Tare Function
  • Stable Weight Indicator
  • Power Fail Retain Function
  • In-Built Dual Display
  • Unit Conversion : Gram to Carat

PG/FB Precision Balance

  • Capacity 200g-34kg.
  • MFRT Technology
  • High Display Resolution upto 1/300000.
  • Integrated Sensor Design For Fast Response and Better Reliability.

HT/HTR Series Analytical Balance

  • Anti electrostatic 360 degree transparent windshield
  • Back lit LCD
  • Full automatic span adjustment, Automatic Repeatability Measurment (ARM)
  • Bar Graph Display
  • Connection to PC
  • Single Touch Response Setting For Various Environments
  • Density Determination Mode
  • ISO/GLP/GMP Compliant Printing Record

GR-202 Analytical Semi- Micro Balance

  • One Touch Calibration
  • Automatic Adjustable Environment setting
  • Automatic Self Calibration
  • Multiple Weighing Units
  • Two Layer Housing
  • Splash Proof Keyboard and Display
  • Data Memory Function
  • GLP/GMP Compliant
  • Standard Underhook
  • Standard RS-232C
  • Quick Reference Card
  • WinCT-Window Communication Tools

AJ Series Precision Balance

  • Capacity 220g-12kg
  • Tunning fork technology for higher reliability and lesser temperature drift
  • Backlight LCD Display
  • Animal Weighing, % counting etc.
  • Standard / Serial interace available
  • Optional Accessories
  • Weigh Below Hook

CU Series

Built-in clock (GLP, GMP, and ISO 9000 conformance)
For fulfillint GLP/GMP/ISO9000 standard, calibration record with date and time can be recorded.

Analog Bar Graph Display
Analog indication function: a bar graph changes depend on weight.
  • Full range Total weight can be indicated with a bar graph, and operator can compare it with balance enquiry
  • Full-In Target weight will be displayed with presetting a desired weight

LCD Backlight
With backlight operator can view outcomes shown on display panel.

Windows Direct
Without an extra software, the balance can be connected to windows for sheet, database and word processing. Direct interface with laboratory software can be realized.

Check Weighing (HI/ GO/ LO)
With setting a range of weight, the display shows Go" for a weight is in the range. "LO" for below the range and "HI" for above the range.

Internal Calibration
With a builtin motor-powered weight, sensibility calibration can be operated with a key operation.

Perfect self calibration (CUW)
Function for automatic calibration for temprature changes.

Clock-CAL (CUW)
Function for automatic calibration at present time.

CBX Series

  • Windows Direct
  • Check weighing (HI/GO/LO)
  • Built-inRS-232C interface
  • Calibration report
  • Counting Pieces
  • Printer (EP-80)
  • Specific gravity measurement kit
  • RS-232C cable
  • Charging battery pack

CBL Series

  • Economic price for balance
  • Counting pieces and unit conversion
  • Accurate performance and strong durability
  • Analog bar graph display
  • Printer (CP-7020)
  • Windbreak
  • RS-232C cable (IFB-102A)

CAU Series & CA Series

  • Windows Direct
  • Perfect self calibration (CAUW,CAUX)
  • Backlight (CAUW)
  • Unit conversion
  • Clock-CAL (CAUW)
  • Calibration report (CAUW, CAUX)
  • Printer (CP-7020)
  • Specific gravity measurement kit (SMK-401)
  • Lonizer (Static Remover "STABLO-EX")

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